Our Business

On A Mission

Orbital Technik has been a partner alongside customers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in orbital welding. That is our mission. We are always looking for a better way. Our team are singularly focused on how they can improve our customers’ experience – through services, repairs & maintenance, re-calibration, and training programs.

Industries We Serve

High-Purity applications – Semiconductor; Pharmaceutical & biotech; Food & beverage; Water treatment.
Aerospace application – Fuel Lines; Instrumentation Tubing; Pneumatic & Hydraulic Lines.
Anti-corrosion applications – Subsea; Off-shore; Chemical industry; Shipbuilding.
Piping System for Energy Plants – Petrochemical; Power stations; Oil and gas; Off-shore.
Boiler & Heat Exchanger Application – Powerstation; Oil & Gas; Petrochemical; Chemical industry.

Services We Provide

At Orbital Technik we focus on the customer’s experience.

Right here in our facility, we provide services ranging from technical assistance, orbital welder operation training & certification.

Our facility is capable to provide orbital welding fabrication services – potential customers will have the opportunity to observe how orbital welding machines are used in an actual production environment.

Highest Quality Products

The phrase “Zero Customer Disappointments” is a goal that is always before us.

The performance attributes of Orbitalum brand are Precision. Power. Simplicity.

These reflect the high precision, powerful, robust drive and tool designs, and the ease and safe operation of the products – conforming to the latest safety standards.