Our Services

Our Services

Here in Orbital Technik, the quality services we provide are as important as our customers. We emphasize on mutual collaboration between our customer and us. This means that we offer customized solutions for individual customers with different requirements, which we deem as the most valuable aspect of our company.

Customer satisfaction and resulting loyalty is what we strive to achieve through our services.

Machine Calibration

Quality Assurance Begins Here

All our customers have a goal and top priority to produce consistent, high quality welds. Such quality assurance can be redeemed through a timely calibration of welding machines.

Here in Orbital Technik, we offer clients the convenience to send in their welding machines to our premises for calibrations tasks in compliance with the latest regulations.

Customer benefits

  • Expected quality standards can be maintained
  • Reproducibility – identical welding results are achieved from seam to seam
  • Transferability – defined parameters are transferable to other calibrated devices

Service Repair & Maintenance

It doesn’t often happen, but if a welding system on a customer’s premises should malfunction, you will expect nothing less than fast and

dedicated assistance. In this case, experts from our repair service division provide efficient support – on-site at the customer or in-house.

Customer benefits

  • Minimal downtimes
  • Quick and dedicated support from our experts
  • Professional, high-quality repair using original Fronius spare and wearing parts
  • If the welding system or torch is not repaired on site, it is handed back to the customer ready for use once the repair work has been

Product Demo & Test

The purchase of a new welding system is an important investment decision. It requires a comprehensive evaluation. The investment risk can be minimized through demonstrations provided in our Orbital Welding Demo facility.

Customers can satisfy themselves of the system’s capabilities, try it out and appreciate the advantages of the system and its suitability for their own individual requirements. The responsible sales and service team is always there to help. Simply call to arrange a date.

Customer benefits

  • Investment risk is minimized
  • Before you decide to buy, you can view and try out the welding system together with our welding expert
  • The system’s suitability for the intended purposes can be extensively evaluated over a trial period

Welding Trials

We Develop Welding Technology Solutions

Our welding experts carry out welding trials using customer-specific materials and components. This allows them to determine the optimum welding process for use by the customer. The welding trials can be carried out in our local office or on the customer’s premises, depending on the task. Tests are carried out manually, on the robot or on components of the automation system depending on the application and the requirements.

Customer benefits

  • Professional support for all application issues with customer-specific materials and components
  • Development of tailor-made welding solutions for customer-specific applications

Operator Training & Certification

Ready-To-Use New Orbitalum Welding Systems

Once the orbital welding machines have been delivered to our client’s premises, our qualified welding specialist will provide an on-site training with the new welding system commissioned altogether on site.

The new operator is easily trained under a short period of 1 – 2 days, and will benefit  from the valuable technical know-how of orbital welding.

Customer benefits

  • Assurance of optimum system configuration for maximum system performance
  • Transfer of know-how  efficiently and seamlessly to the future system operator

Custom Manufacturing

Orbital Technik is part of the Cryogas group of companies providing industrial solutions in high purity stainless steel modules and equipment.

Armed with knowledge in high purity tubular fabrication technology for stainless steel and exotic alloy like Hastelloy & Titanium, we established a clean fabrication facility for tubular products in Malaysia in 2015.

We are always one step ahead when it comes to offering highly reliable product fabrication services; and developing technological innovations that satisfy countless industrial application needs, even under the most demanding conditions…… Read more about us here!