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Cutting and beveling pipes: Wachs and Orbitalum are ideal partners

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Innovative, high-quality, durable, portable, versatile and user-friendly. E.H. Wachs in Illinois established itself in many industries with these traits and the advantages of its pipe-processing machines for cutting and beveling: In oil and gas exploration on land and at sea, pipeline and ship construction etc. in the preproduction, maintenance, repair and dismantling of installations.

E.H. Wachs and Orbitalum Tools GmbH in Singen are subsidiaries of the listed company Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW).

Both divisions act under the common umbrella name of “ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding”.

Since the beginning of 2012, Orbitalum Tools GmbH has expanded its product range exclusively with the product lines of its sister company. The services provided by the Singen team also include training as well as demonstrations at the factory or at the customer”s premises.

Renting: flexible and economical

As a special service, Orbitalum also offer all of its devices to rent. This is an economical alternative to purchasing the device when a pipe is only cut or a seam is only prepared occasionally. It is also practical when repairs are necessary at short notice but the company”s own plant does not have the required equipment.

Selecting the best processing system is based on the use and surrounding area: Is cutting and/or beveling required? How thick are the walls, how large is the diameter? Which material should be processed?

Low space requirements

With the light, mobile LCSF “Low Clearance Split Frame”, cutting and beveling results can be achieved that were previously not possible using portable machine tools. On pipes of any wall thickness, made of structural and carbon steel, high-temperature tempered steels such as P91 and P92…

Machine frame diameters of 175 to 1231 mm in electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive options are available in the LCSF range, based on the customers” site requirements.

The smaller brother of the LCSF, the SDSF “Small Diameter Split Frame”, is used on smaller pipes with wall thicknesses up to

9.5 millimeters. It is also suitable for cutting socket welded seams, beveling, and chipless cutting without sparking. In addition, with its precise machining characteristics and compact dimensions, it is a valuable tool for installation manufacturers in the high-purity industries.


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