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Orbital Cutting Solution for Stainless Steel Pipes 1/4” to 3” OD

By August 21, 2021No Comments

GFX 3.0; GFX 6.6 from Orbitalum

Innovative equipment with cutting and beveling tools for stainless steel tube preparation in “just seconds”.

The perfect preparation for your orbital welding.

The GFX is compact, powerful and easy to operate with light weight of less than 30 kg.

Let’s see the many outstanding features of this machine.

– Cold machining process, without burrs and at straight angles.
– Tube clamping without deformations, even with thin-walled tubes.
– Good handling due to light weight.
– Beveling of tube ends simultaneously during cutting or done separately to the cutting process.
– Increased productivity of pipe cutting and beveling by 60% time saving
– Minimum maintenance and simple service. 12 months warranty by manufacturer.
– Long and environmentally friendly service life.
– Additional saw blade support for cutting pipe curves.
– Ideal for snapping applications

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