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Orbistar Pre-ground Tungsten Electrode

We are super excited to announce our new line of products, Orbistar Pre-ground Tungsten Electrode!

ORBISTAR® tungsten electrodes for orbital welding: thoriated and thorium-free.
We deliver the welding electrodes cut exactly to length and with a ground tip according to your welding requirements.

The benefits we guarantee with ORBISTAR® pre-ground tungsten electrodes:

  • Optimum adaptation of the required electrode type to the welding task
  • Exact reproducibility of welding processes
  • Safety and a long service life
  • Superior arc stability
  • Arc starting performance
  • Last two times longer than other tungsten
  • Reduce arc fault failures by up to 80 percent.

Recently, we have noticed an increasing demand for pre-ground tungsten in our customer’s orbital welding requirements, especially for the smaller weld heads that cater mainly for small tube OD from 1/8″ up to 1/2″, as welding for smaller OD(s) can prove more challenging than larger tube sizes e.g. 1″ and above.

We STRONGLY recommend our customers to use ORBISTAR® pre-ground tungsten with the below weld head models:

Orbital Weld Heads – Microfit OW12 | Orbital Technik (

Orbital Weld Heads – Microfit OW17 | Orbital Technik (

Orbital Weld Heads – Microfit OW19 | Orbital Technik (

As we have been working closely with our European and US vendors to offer tip top quality pre-ground tungsten that we believe will help our customers greatly in their welding process, so they can achieve a consistent high quality weld result.


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