All About Orbital Welding

Double Your Welding Output With Minimum Investment!

By August 21, 2021No Comments

Orbital welding technology can help you to easily double your welding output with minimum investment.

Think about this, instead of running a single orbital weld head on your power supply, now you can run two orbital weld heads on your power supply. This means, for the same amount of time it usually takes to complete 1 weld joint, now you can complete 2 weld joints concurrently!

This is one of our latest success of Orbitalum OM-180 Smart Welder with an Orbitwin 180 using two OW-115S weld heads. Just think of the increased productivity when your arc on time is no longer a factor. Not to mention the cost savings of not being required to purchase a new power supply for every weld head.

“I really love the idea that I can run an identical program on both heads if I’m running the same job. Or I can assign an individual program to each head for running two jobs simultaneously!” unquote Hamid AR.

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