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Orbital Welding Technology for Beverage Process Piping Installation

By August 21, 2021No Comments

The beverage piping system nowadays demand more stringent welding joints quality, to ensure zero presence of weld seam crevice. Weld seam crevice is known to prevent effective CIP cleaning in process piping, which is the main reason for higher microorganism growth and product contamination.

Orbital welding with its simple operation and user friendly welding program set up, will guarantee 100% weld joint penetration to meet the quality needed by your customers, joint after joint!

Upon completion of each welding, the machine will automatically save the weld data to allow for easier weld data management. A more efficient way for weld quality control and monitoring.

The compact weld head 76S from Orbitalum allows you to weld in a very tight work space without compromise the weld quality. As beverage customer demand more compact layout for piping system, Orbitalum orbital welding technology will provides the unparalleled alternative to overcome this problem.

Due to the higher weld quality and weld consistency, our customers is able to achieve impressive ROI in 12 months.

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